Marketing Books Online

So you have written a book? But what is the best way to market it?

There are many answers to the above question, but you also need to consider the negative impact of marketing your book. By this I mean, all you talk about is the book and you simply recycle it twenty times a day. People will just ignore this or remove you from any of their lists. Marketing begins months in advance of any release date. You need to create a brand, a buzz about the book. Plan well ahead and change your mantra ‘to participate with others.’

The starting place for any marketing has to be a base, a place to send people to look at your product. This can either be a blog or website. When I heard the words website I immediately thought expense. Buying domain names, getting an IT expert to design the pages, it all seemed far above my skill set. But its actually very easy.

 Have a look at – I created a webpage from there for about £30-£50 and this included a .com domain name I wanted and I chose how long I wanted it for. Follow the easy guides and you are ready to go.

Make sure the page is bright, colourful and interesting and includes the book cover in a prominent place and how/where to buy it. Make the rest of the site interesting, maybe create a gallery and invite school children to draw pictures of the characters or poems and add them.

Use the title of the book and create a Twitter, account and Facebook page adding information about the book as a synopsis giving free chapters as an excerpt. This is the important bit. Don’t just talk about the book! Join conversations, be interesting, and talk to people. As they get to know you they will look at your website or pages.

Use yourself. Have you been to University? Contact them, they would love to hear about a former student turning into an author. They will be glad to run a story. Contact the local newspaper where you live and see if they are interested. Don’t forget they have to fill the news every day even if its quiet in the world.

Depending on the age of the book you are selling, contact local schools and offer a free workshop with the aim of developing future writers. You are also using your skills to put something back into the community.

Using blogs – you will need reviews to grab peoples attention. An easy way to do this is type ‘book blog’ or ‘blogs’ into Twitter and you will have a whole catalogue of people who run blogs and some are in need of quality books to review. We are all busy people, and very few people will do things for nothing. Offer them the Ebook or paperback early in exchange for a review. Be mindful and accept that not all reviews will be as good as you will like.

There are other fantastic groups and pages on Facebook which will promote your book to a wide audience in most cases for free. In Facebook, search for ‘books’, ‘kindle’, ‘authors’, ‘free books’. Join the groups early on in your marketing plan and have a look how others promote their work. Contact the administrators and ask if you can promote your book cover or even be author of the week. It all helps.

The key thing to remember in whatever you do is Edmond Locard’s law that every touch leaves a trace. Every time you add a new friend on Twitter or comment on a blog, someone will see your name or the name of the book and after a while people will investigate further.