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Rich Pitman was born in Newport in 1980. Having attended Hartridge High School he then attended the University of Wales, Swansea attaining a 2:1 in Recreation Management. Once finished, he then completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (P.G.C.E Cert Ed) at the University Of Wales, Newport before attending various secondary schools as a supply teacher.
In 2002, aged 22, Rich joined the Gloucestershire Constabulary based in the Forest of Dean and shortly after gained promotion to the rank of Sergeant. During his time in the Police Rich has undertaken many roles and is fully qualified to the rank of Inspector.In 2010 Rich completed an MSc in Police, Policy and Leadership from the University of Portsmouth receiving a Merit.
One afternoon in 2011 Rich came up with the idea for the children’s fantasy series Jimmy Threepwood. The first Jimmy Threepwood book of five, entitled the Veil of Darkness follows the perilous story of an eleven year old boy taken to a world of magic and evil and trained to one day fulfil his destiny and destroy the world. This book is set for release on the 18th October 2012 and will be followed by  Jimmy Threepwood and the Elixir of Light.
Rich is currently a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator and hopes to use his skills and knowledge to help local children develop the tools to provide the future generations of story writers.

Selected publications:
Jimmy Threepwood and the Veil of Darkness (Ghostly Publishing, October 2012)

Jimmy Threepwood and the Veil of Darkness (Ghostly Publishing, October 2012)

 Many centuries ago the Elders designed the world we live in, but they knew that through time and the advances in medicine and technology the world would slowly start to die and man would ultimately destroy the planet. The Elders created a prophecy that every two millennia four children would receive a mystical mark. The children would grow and one day be powerful enough to release the mighty beast Tyranacus, and purge the world of man, allowing it to heal before the life cycle would start again.
Margaret Threepwood was a gentle and loving wife and was due to give birth when tragedy struck and Margaret fell severely ill. The Gatekeeper of life and death appeared in the hospital ward and provided a one time deal that Margaret would live as long as her son Jimmy Threepwood was brought up unloved, uncared for and handed to the Gatekeeper and his minions on his eleventh birthday, where his destiny will be unveiled to him.
As Jimmy approached his eleventh birthday he noticed strange and unusual things happening. Firstly, a mysterious crow started to follow him around school; this ultimately led to a Bunson burner accident and an unusual 9 shaped scar forming on Jimmy’s arm. This was followed by Jimmy protecting his friend against the school bully, but one touch changed both Jimmy’s and the bully’s lives forever.

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