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A few years ago, maybe three, I had the idea for a book and thought that I might have a go and see what happens.

I had no idea of the format, size or the way it should be written but I had a go. I found I enjoyed writing and my wife seemed to enjoy the story, but for some reason I simply stopped. I still have the book entitled ‘Timeline’ on my PC in a word document.

I was just nodding off to sleep a few weeks later when I had the idea of a villain. Or should I say the idea of telling the story from the life of the Villain. Why were they bad? Why they always wanted to destroy the world…and so Jimmy Threepwood was born.

I wrote the story, but wasn’t sure of copyright and what I needed to do and I had the vision of being stood in a court room having to justify how I wrote the book…so I created a get out clause. Very few people know about this yet, but I’m sure it will come to light soon.

A friend of mine had also written a book and showed me the ‘writers and illustrators handbook’. What a great book and well worth the money.

The only person who had ever read ‘Jimmy Threepwood and the Veil of Darkness’ was my wife, but I sent it to a literary agent anyway. I waited 6 weeks but nothing. So I sent it to the next one…nothing.

I am well known for my lack of patience, and in the end I sent it to 50 and waited for the rejection and oh didn’t they just roll in…the problem though wasn’t the fact it rolled in,  it was the fact it just said ‘sorry, but no, or we aren’t taking on. What I needed was some form of feedback. Was the story good, but my writing rubbish?….the information just didn’t come.

Then I found www.authonomy.com – this must be the starting place for anyone looking to write. There are so many people in the word willing to help and most gave me great advice.

I used the advice and completely re-wrote Jimmy Threepwood – but I had already wasted so many literary agents and I couldn’t face sending it off to them again…so I shelved it and wrote another children’s book – The Origins of the Majordomo Man’.

As more and more of the rejections flooded I lost all hope and put it on Amazon as a Kindle book. Jimmy Threepwood received a number of great reviews and I was happy with the way it was going until I had a few days booked off work. I still to this day don’t know why I had those days as my wife was working, but I did.

Whilst spreading the message on Twitter I contacted Ghostly Publishing who asked me to submit the first four chapters on their page. Approximately two hours later I had an email stating they would publish the book and could I send the rest…and here we are.

(The Moral of the story – Never send to an agent or publisher until you are 100% sure the story is ready)