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Met Graduate’s Book Deal for Children’s Fantasy Stories


A Swansea Metropolitan University graduate hopes to emulate the success of J.K. Rowling after signing a five-book deal to write a series of children’s fantasy stories.

Rich Pitman, aged thirty-one from Caldicot, graduated from Swansea Met with a degree in recreation management in 2001. He is also a qualified teacher and currently works as a sergeant for Gloucestershire Police.

Last year, Rich came up with an idea for a children’s fantasy series based around a character called Jimmy Threepwood. The first book of five, entitled ‘Jimmy Threepwood and the Veil of Darkness’, follows the perilous story of an eleven-year-old boy taken to a world of magic and evil and trained to one day fulfill his destiny and destroy the world.


The Jimmy Threepwood series has secured Rich a five-book deal with Plymouth-based company Ghost Publishing. The next installment, ‘Jimmy Threepwood and the Elixir of Light’, is already in development.

Rich said: “It all happened very quickly. I’ve always enjoyed writing as a hobby but my family were surprised when they read the draft copy. In the short term I want children to enjoy and become immersed in the story. I am hoping that my story will inspire people to have a go at writing and stretch their imaginations to their limits.

“In the long term I hope that the five stories have an impact on people’s lives in the way Harry Potter did. I hope these stories continue the good work of J.K. Rowling and introduce reading to the next generation of children.”

‘Jimmy Threepwood and the Veil of Darkness’ is due for release on Thursday 18th October and is available to pre-order in Waterstones, WH Smiths and on Amazon.

Published: Thursday 30th August 2012


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